ACS - Austrian Cruise Service



Our motto:

"geht nicht, gibt's nicht"
doesn't work doesn't exist

We are a team of very active and dedicated colleagues and in addition to our professionality, personal service is exceedingly important to us. Since our office is located next to the docking station, we are able to help on the spot, e.g. delivering or storing small goods or attending a ship if immediate help is needed. We collaborate with the largest private bus company “Dr Richard” in Central Europe, belonging to the same family enterprise as the Columbus group.

Our team:

Columbus Cruise Management - Team

Krista Suess with Columbus since 2000, built up Cruise service, disposes of an extensive network, knows the scores. Austria tourist guide.

Dagmar Mendes with Columbus since 1995, worked with Krista right from the start, very well versed.

Andrea Schleimer with Columbus since 2002 in incoming and outgoing, our native speaker, training to be an Austria tourist guide.

Daniela Anhell with Columbus since 2005, started in tourism right after school, with top computer skills.


Handelskai 265, 1.OG / 323
1020 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43-1-729 69 69-10
Fax: +43-1-729 69 69-20